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I have been postponing this for so long and just when I'm supposed to be asleep I finally decided to make the first post in this new journal. (I did exported my old stuff from my LJ)

I've beed doing full immersion of OPSYS these days for my midterm and funny thing is, I've been dreaming about address translations, VPNs and all the shizz I've been studying.

Today short PV for Syoppai Namida was released and I've been watching it because Shougo is so cool ; _ ; My heart keeps doing little joyous dance because I'm so happy for him, he's improved so much and it's really nice to see him living his dream.

Other thing I've been watching all day long is GaraSuta's RUSH live performance. I LOVE GALAXY STANDARD SO MUCH ; _ ;
I honestly didn't know they performed it live (well, semi-live because they lip-synced to the original ver by the VAs) and it's honestly just so good and so enjoyable to watch. I CANNOT WAIT FOR BE MY STEADY PERFORMANCE!!! ; _ ; I really, really want the dvd but neither amazon jp nor animate int'l shop have it ; _ ;

Saisei really did well with the performance. I have yet to see the stage, but I'm already in love with GaraSuta. Especially Reiji-sama ;;;
But you know who I didn't expect to notice that much? BAN-CHAN 
He's cute and all, but I really didn't pay much attention to him in anime (because I devote all my love attention to Reiji-sama), but Banchan's actor Hinata was just so eye-catching. He kept smiling and he looked very comfortable performing (maybe because he's part of a boy band) and I'm just?????????????? wOWW boy can I just love you???

If I didn't go back to uni tomorrow, I would definitely have made GIFs and screencaps of Shougo's PV, GaraSuta's live and Purisute backstage. Ugh.


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